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Module 1: Numbers and Whole Numbers

Introduction and Place Value

Numbers are composed of digits. Each digit has a certain place value based on its location in a number. This applies to decimals (which will be further explored in Module 3: Decimals) and whole numbers.


In 792…

  • 7 is in the hundreds position (700)
  • 9 is in the tens position (90)
  • 2 is in the units position (2)

When working with decimals, digits place values that follow the decimal work in a similar manner.

However, each place value ends in a -ths instead of just -s.

Common Place Values

Place Value Digit
Thousandths 0.001
Hundredths 0.01
Tenths 0.1
Units 1
Tens 10
Hundreds 100
Thousands 1 000
Ten thousands 10 000
Hundred Thousands 100 000
Millions 1 000 000