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Open Access Publishing

What is Open Access?

Open access (OA) refers to research publications that are made freely available on the internet. Authors generally retain copyright on their OA publications but the material can be downloaded and shared with others as long as attribution is provided. There is a wealth of reputable peer-reviewed journals that are open access.

Many researchers have chosen OA publishing since free online access can help promote the discovery of their research and increase the citation rate of their articles. Open access is currently mandated by the Tri-Agency on their funded research projects.

SOURCE, Sheridan's institutional repository, is an option for faculty, staff and students to publish their work as OA or share their work as OA after publishing in a journal. 

Benefits of Open Access

  • Increase the discovery of your work on the Internet 
  • Boost the citation rate of your article or book chapter
  • Impact the work of other researchers, educators, policymakers, community groups, etc., around the world
  • Provide free online access to your publication for individuals and groups who are not with an institution that can afford expensive journals 
  • Renew interest and awareness of your older publication 
  • Meet a funder's OA requirement