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Presentation Skills

Follow the modules to find out everything you need to know about managing your time effectively, taking notes, developing a resilient mindset, confidently deliver presentations, and strategies for studying and test taking.  NEW!! Complete 4 modules and get CCR credit

Welcome to the Presentation Skills Module

The fundamentals of public speaking remain the same in any context, be it classroom, conference, parliament, or crowded city square. Good public speakers use simple and clear language to communicate complex points. They pause when they speak, and they deliver their message with confidence resulting from their knowledge and preparation. 

As a student you will be required to present in front of the classroom very often, so it is a good idea to master your presentation skills keeping in mind these main ideas for a good presentation: 

 Is well prepared and has a focused and relevant message
Is clearly organized and supported by evidence
Demonstrates understanding and analysis of ideas
 Is delivered calmly and confidently

Throughout this module we will work on these main points to help you to be ready when you have to deliver your next presentation! 


If you have questions or are looking for extra support with developing your presentation skills:

Academic Skills Librarian

please contact the Academic Skills Librarian