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Co-Curricular Recognition: Home

Welcome to the Sheridan Co-Curricular Recognition Guide for the Academic Skills Hub

Sheridan's Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR) program provides students with diverse and creative opportunities to get involved, meet new people, and engage in activities that support personal growth and professional development.

Academic Skills Hub modules produced by Sheridan’s Learning Services team can be completed for Co-Curricular Recognition related to academic skills and learning strategies.

Please note—if your professor is grading you for completing a module as part of your course work, that module is not eligible for the CCR program.

CCR forms should only be submitted by students who are choosing to complete the Academic Skills Hub activity in their own time. Please refer to the CCR Program's website for more information.

Adding the Academic Skills Hub Position to Your Career Catalyst Profile

To add this CCR experience to your profile, you will need to:

  1. Make a request to add the Academic Skills Hub position to your CCR profile
  2. During each academic year (from September 1 to August 31), complete 6 of the eligible Academic Skills Hub modules listed below:
  3. Fill out the Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR) Form at the end of each module you complete. You will be asked to complete a task and/or answer a few reflective questions based on the module’s content.
  4. You MUST complete this next step—When you have completed your 6th module, select “Yes” under the question “Confirm your Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR) participation: Have you completed 6 or more different modules in total?” on the CCR Form.
  5. Please go to the Sheridan Works website to request co-curricular recognition for your participation in the Academic Skills Hub (instructional video below). The Academic Skills Hub activity will be approved in 4 weeks' time.

Watch the video below to learn how to request to add a CCR activity to your Career Catalyst Portfolio.

Contact Information

For more information about Sheridan's CCR program, please contact:

For more information about the Academic Skills Hub, please contact Christine Moffatt (Academic Initiatives Librarian).