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Welcome to the Sheridan Co-Curricular Recognition Guide for the Academic Skills Hub

Sheridan's Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR) program provides students with diverse and creative opportunities to get involved, meet new people and engage in activities that support personal growth and professional development.

Library and Learning Services' modules for Academic Skills can be used to earn co-curricular recognition related to academic skills and learning strategies.

To be eligible to have your CCR experience on your record you need to: 

  1. Request to have the position “Academic Skills” added to your CCR record (if you require assistance with making your request please see the How to add a position to my CCR record help document or email

  2. Take 4 of the 7 Academic Skills guides within the series by December 17, 2021: 

    • Online Learning
    • Time Management
    • Academic Writing
    • Mindset Matters
    • Group Work
    • Studying and Test Taking
    • Taking Notes
    • Adult Learner Skills
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Sense of Belonging
    • (Math Skills not accepted at this time)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  3. After completing each module, fill out the Co-Curricular Recognition Form located at the end of each applicable module. Please select and answer the reflective question about the module you just completed.

  4. When submitting the Co-Curricular Recognition Form for your 4th completed module, please remember to select “Yes” under the question “Verify your CCR: Have you completed 4 or more modules in total?” This must be completed and submitted before your request to add your CCR experience to your CCR record will be accepted.

  5. Once we confirm that 4 reflective questions have been submitted this item will be added to your CCR within 4 weeks time. 

For more information about Sheridan's CCR program, please contact: 

For Library questions, please contact:

After your request has been accepted you can print and/or download your CCR record, but you first must click on the share icon!