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Sense of Belonging

We Experience Belonging Differently

Each of us is unique. Each of us:

  • Come from different backgrounds
  • Pursue different interests
  • Possess different talents
  • Have different priorities

What motivates you influences your sense of belonging

For example, if you're motivated by...

academic success and recognition in your field, then you may experience sense of belonging by participating in class or in communities of practice. participation in your local community, then you may experience sense of belonging by attending community events, attending your place of worship, or by volunteering.

Our identities are like the above image: colourful, textured, shifting, and evolving. 

According to sense of belonging expert, T.L. Strayhorn, sense of belonging "must be satisfied on a continual basis and likely changes as circumstances, conditions, and contexts change" (2019, p.162). Our values, attitudes, and perspectives change as we grow and that affects our sense of belonging to the communities in which we share. The important thing to remember while at Sheridan is to try new things, voice your ideas, and remember: you belong here!


Strayhorn, T. L. (2018). College students' sense of belonging: A key to educational success for all students. Routledge.