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Sense of Belonging

Why Belonging Matters

Belonging is...

  • A feeling of connectedness to a community of people through shared interests, activities, and/or values 
  • A basic human need 
  • A reflection of how we think we matter to others 

Belonging is a fundamental human need. According to the psychologist A. Maslow, belonging is something we must feel before we're able of achieving things in our areas of interest, whether that's in sports, academics, or personal matters. 

If don't feel like we belong, we face major barriers to success.

But there's good news! You can do things to cultivate your sense of belonging in Sheridan communities. 

Belonging is a component of social wellness. The Sheridan Student Union wrote this about social wellness: "Social connections with others can greatly improve your quality of life. Loneliness is a feeling that you may experience at times, so it’s important to continually develop your relationships with classmates, friends, and family members to stay socially connected." Check out the SSU's Dimensions of Wellness page for more.