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Studying & Test Taking

Practice Tests

Practice tests can be an effective study tool since they mimic what you might expect during the actual test. You'll get a sense of the types of questions that might appear on the test (e.g. multiple choice, short answer, etc.), the number of questions you might answer, and the length of the test as well as the topics covered.

Some professors might create one or a few practice tests for you, or they might even let you see previous tests from their class. If you don't have access to any practice tests, you can easily make your own!

Practice tests have been shown to enhance recall and reduce test anxiety, so it's worthwhile to try it out.

How to Use Practice Tests to Study

Watch this video to learn how one student created her own practice tests using lecture notes and course materials.

Tips for Studying with Practice Tests

  • Create sample questions using headings from your lecture presentations.
  • Use study questions from your textbooks or test reviews.
  • Try an online tool like Quizlet for a more interactive experience.