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Time Management

A semester plan is a schedule that outlines everything you need to finish during your semester. It gives you a visual picture of all the assignments, projects, tests, exams, presentations, and other requirements for each of your courses in one place.

At Sheridan, a full-time student could be taking six or more courses per semester, which means remembering important dates can be challenging—semester plans are a tool to help you see what's due next, and identify which weeks have many assignments due at once so you can plan ahead to get everything finished.

Why Use a Semester Plan?

Watch the video to find out why you should use a semester plan.

How to Create a Semester Plan

How to Create a Semester Plan in Word

Watch this video to learn how to create a semester plan using the template below.

Word Semester Plan Template

How to Create a Semester Plan in Excel

Watch this video to learn how to create a semester plan using Excel.

Excel Semester Plan Template

Planning Your Semester Activity

Use the following activity to learn how to organize due dates in a sample semester plan!

Creating a Semester Plan landing page.

Tips for Creating a Semester Plan

  • Highlight the the big ones: Highlight which assignments or tests are worth the most so those key dates stand out.
  • Highlight the busy weeks: Make sure you can see at a glance which weeks have the most due dates.
  • Update your plan: Add any new deadlines that come up during the semester.
  • Display your plan: Put your semester plan in a spot where you'll see it frequently.
  • Don't erase or delete completed assignments: Cross items off your plan as you finish them, but keep them in the plan as a visual reminder of your accomplishments this semester!