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Business Analysis (CAPS Certificate): O'Reilly database tips!

Exporting highlights and notes in O'Reilly

How to export notes and highlights in O’Reilly Learning

As you read a book, you can highlight important text and take notes to refer to later. To see or download your highlights and notes, follow these steps:

Click on the profile icon (top right) to open the menu.

Click Activity

The next screen is personalized and will look different for each user. You will see several sections.

Within the Your Highlights section, you have 2 options

  1. Click on one book to see your highlights and notes. OR YOU CAN
  2. Click See All to see all your highlights and notes

A new page will open, Click Export all highlights.

Your highlights, personal notes and a URL to your books will download into a .CSV file.

Reviewed Feb 2023