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Technology Fundamentals: Research Help

Google or Library Databases?

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Search Like a Pro

Try these tips to make your searching more effective and efficient:

1. Keywords

You can't ask a library database or Summon a question or write a sentence like you can in Google. Your research question must be broken down into keywords.

Question: What are the newest developments in nanotechnology in North America?

Keywords: new developments     nanotechnology     North America

2. "Boolean Operators" AKA search functions

AND - both terms must appear within the results.
OR - either of the terms must appear in the results.
NOT - the term following must not appear in the results. (Use sparingly).

3. Phrases

If you want a phrase to appear in the results, where each word must appear side by side in the correct order, use quotation marks.

"additive manufacturing"

4. Truncation

If you are looking for any variation of a root word, use an asterisk to truncate the word.


For: ethic, ethics, ethical, ethically, ethicist, etc.