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To request an accommodation for library services and collections, or to learn more about accessible services at the Library, please contact:

Sheridan Library

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To request information about your library account, borrowing privileges, fines, or similar, please contact:

Information about your library account can only be provided in-person or through your Sheridan email account.

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Tutoring and library staff can answer questions about citing your sources, and can help clarify citation rules. Our role is to help students learn how to cite. Students are responsible for proofreading their own citations.

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Drop-ins are also welcome during Tutoring drop-in hours, and at the Library during library open hours.

Tutoring appointments can be booked with a Reference & Citation specialist, or English Writing tutor.

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To inquire about fair dealing, or to ensure you comply with licensing and copyright law, please contact:

See the Tutoring Website

Book a Tutoring Appointment

To provide feedback or request information regarding Tutoring, please contact:

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Students disrupted by inappropriate behaviour or noise from other library users should report incidents to either:

Campus Security: 905-815-4044

Library Learning Commons Staff
Available in-person or via Chat with Us