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A guide to the HR Management industry

This is a general industry guide that includes resources and tools to help all HR students do research in the field of Human Resources.

Topic keywords - try different combinations of these keywords, and try to think of more!

weight looks "body modifications" dress breasfeeding "sexual harrassment of men/women; "equal pay for women" transgendered
heavy appearance tattoo clothing nursing males "pay equity" LGBTQ
obese beauty piercing outfit "breast feeding" "unwanted attention" "gender wage gap" "gender identity"
overweight beautiful "hair colour" apparel "new mothers" "sexual advances" "gender pay gap" genderqueer
fat attractive appearance "dress code" breast-feeding "verbal harrassment" "gender income gap" trans

How to choose keywords

Awesome search tips

Enclose phrases in quotation marks, e.g.:

  • "sexual harassment"
  • "workplace discrimination"

Try adding an asterisk *  to the root of any word will find variations of the word:

  • harass* will also find harassed harassment, harasser
  • discrimin* will also retrieve discrimination, discriminate, discriminated
  • transgender* will find transgender, transgendered
  • Canad* will also find Canadian, Canada, Canadien, Canada's

​When searching a library database, or Summon, use key words only, e.g.,

transgendered employees accommodation 

do NOT search full sentences, e.g.,

What issues are involved in accommodating transgendered employees and how far should that accommodation.

Google power search tip: How to search a website

The "site" command is a power search tip you can use with Google.

This command lets you search a word or phrase on a specific website.

For example, in the Google search box, type: "training and development"

The above will search the exact phrase "training and development" on the Canadian government occupational website only.

Do you need more search guidance?