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BUSM40000D Integrated Industry Project

Internal Analysis

Public companies are required to release company information to the government or the general public, so it will be easier to conduct the business research and find annual reports and financial reports from business databases.

For private companies, It will be more challenging for business research, because there are no legal requirements for private companies to publish their information or reports. So we sometimes can only find limited information available about private companies.

Small Entrepreneurship

For small and medium-size company, here are some research tips:

  • Company website and company social media are good sources to find out the company's performance, strategy, products/services and more. Always look for "About Us" or "Company" link on the home page.
  • Searching your interested company or product in newspaper databases might be a good approach for private or small local company. You might consider add location to your keywords while searching. For example, search [company name] AND [area/region/location]
  • Industry organization or associations may publish information related to your research. Tips: search in Google, [industry] association [location]        Examples: coffee association Canada