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Digital Skills


Digital skills include a broad set of competencies that allow you to use new technologies effectively. These skills include the ability to navigate and use digital platforms, applications (apps), and tools for academic, professional, and personal projects.

At Sheridan, students with digital skills can proficiently use software suites (like Microsoft 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud), leverage online collaboration tools for group projects, navigate courses on SLATE, critically evaluate digital information, and communicate ideas in different forms (e.g., as reports, presentations, data visualizations, and more)—so take this time to learn the basics about apps you'll use in your classes!

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, you will learn how to:

  • Find and use information about tech essentials in Service Sheridan's Knowledge Base.
  • Navigate your courses on SLATE.
  • Manage and organize your Sheridan e-mail and calendar.
  • Create, format, organize, share, and edit class assignments using Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Access and use popular apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud platform.

This module is part of the Academic Skills Hub series from Sheridan's Learning Services; however, this module is not eligible for Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR). Learn more about which modules are eligible on the Hub's Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR) Guide.