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Group Work

Benefits of Group Work

You might be asking yourself:

"Why do I have to work in a group? Why can't I just do this all on my own?"

While working alone may feel more comfortable at times, group projects and activities can give you a safe space to learn:

  • how you want to collaborate with other people,
  • which types of roles you might prefer in the workplace, and
  • where you can improve on your interpersonal and communication skills.

No matter which career you choose, some form of group work will be required—it's important to keep an open mind, be curious about new ideas, and create a plan to help everyone succeed!

Solo Work vs. Group Work Infographic. Please refer to the notes section for a full transcript.

Pause and Reflect

  • What aspects of group work do I find most challenging? Which aspects are most rewarding?
  • What roles have I taken on in previous group assignments? Do I like those roles, or do I want to try something new?
  • How did I handle conflicts or disagreements in previous groups? What do I wish I'd done differently?
  • What have I learned from other group members during past assignments?