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Library and Learning Services Accessibility Help Guide: Alternate formats of library materials

An internal guide for Sheridan Library staff to answer their questions about accessibility, UDL and AODA requirements.

Alternate Formats of Library Materials and ACE

ACE stands for Accessible Content E-Portal. ACE is a repository of books in accessible formats that is managed by Scholar's Portal, a service of the Ontario Council of University Libraries. 

ACE "supports users with print disabilities at participating institutions by making library collections accessible through an online platform. ACE contains a variety of print library materials which have been digitized and made available in accessible formats. Eligible users can also request print materials to be added to the collection on demand through their on-demand digitization service." (OCUL, 2014).

ACE provides books in the following formats: colour PDF, black and white PDF, DAISY, plain text and e-pub. ACE is available to current students, faculty and staff and may only be accessed by users with a verified perceptual disability. If a student requires a book from our collection in another format, please have them fill out the self declaration form and then send the request/form to Madeleine Crew. She is the ACE administrator for the Library. An item ordered through ACE may take about a week and may take longer if it is not found in ACE.

If a student requires a textbook in another format, please have the student get in touch with an assistive technologist at their respective campus first. Textbooks are housed in a separate repository, AERO.

Note: "Students requiring books on CD must contact Accessible Learning who will refer you to the Assistive Technologist  to have your order placed for the required materials. Due to copyright laws, students must purchase the book and provide receipts for proof of purchase."

You can now request alternate formats of Library materials right from Summon. Simply type in the name of the book and click on the button to "request alternate format." Please note: This is for print materials in the library collection only. 

Library poster and events accessibility

Please add the following statement to all posters created by the Library:

"If you require this document in an accessible format, please contact

For any event materials, please include the following statement:

"If you need information about the accessibility of this event, or to request accommodation, please contact

For all accommodation and alternate format requests please contact Madeleine Crew

When creating posters, please ensure they are high contrast with sans serif fonts (Arial or Verdana), and use minimal and logical images. This is to limit the number of requests for alternate formats.