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MKTG31001D Marketing Analysis

Beauty & Personal Care Year over year growth in Canada (click on chart)

Year over year grown of prestige market in Canada as of June 2018

Euromonitor Passport reports

To locate these reports in Euromonitor Passport, search for the title in the top search box.  Do not use quotes or any other punctuation. These are just a few of the reports that may be available for this topic. 
  • Beauty and Personal Care in Canada
  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Canada
  • Beauty and Personal Care, Quarterly Statement Q3 2019
  • ... and more

Statistics from Statista

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Industry Profiles & Consumer Information: Global


 Associations are a great source for trends, issues, statistics, and much more. Look for pages or sections named Research, PublicationsStatistics, News, Press Releases, Resources or Links.

Company information

Company Profile Annual Report News Articles

Business Source Complete - Business Searching Interface

  • Click on Company Information at the top of the page, then select the right company.
  • On the results page, choose Newspaper, etc., from Related Information.
Company's website:
  • Look for Investor Relations or Investors at the top or bottom of the page.
Business Source Complete

Euromonitor: Passport

  • Select Companies from top black menu, then search for company name.
  • Best for large, public companies.

Mergent Online

  • Type company name in the Company Search box on the left side of the home page.
  • Select the company from the options listed.
  • Click on the Reports tab on the blue menu bar.

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