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MKTG31001D Marketing Analysis

Toys & Games Do you buy toys and/or games mostly online or in-store? (click on image)

Do you buy toys and/or games mostly online or in-store?

Euromonitor Passport reports

To locate these reports in Euromonitor Passport, search for the title in the top right search box.  Do not use quotes or any other punctuation.
  • Toys and Games in Canada
  • Traditional Toys and Games in Canada
  • Toys and Games Global Industry Overview

Statistics from Statista

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Company information

Company Profile Annual Report News Articles

Business Source Complete - Business Searching Interface

  • Click on Company Information at the top of the page, then select the right company.
  • On the results page, choose Newspaper, etc., from Related Information.
Company's website:
  • Look for Investor Relations or Investors at the top or bottom of the page.
Business Source Complete

Euromonitor: Passport

  • Select Companies from top black menu, then search for company name.
  • Best for large, public companies.

Mergent Online

  • Type company name in the Company Search box on the left side of the home page.
  • Select the company from the options listed.
  • Click on the Reports tab on the blue menu bar.

ProQuest Central


 Associations are a great source for trends, issues, statistics, and much more. Look for pages or sections named Research, PublicationsStatistics, News, Press Releases, Resources or Links.