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Before the Open Book Test

The bulk of the work will be preparing for your test. Here the things you want to do and think about as you're getting ready to take your open book test:

  • Read chapters, articles and Powerpoint notes ahead of time
  • Identify key terms, concepts and themes in your lecture notes and then locate this information in your textbook
  • Mark pages in your textbook using sticky notes and highlight key terms, historical dates and other difficult material that you might need
  • Write summaries in your own words in the margins of your textbook to spot it easily
  • Familiarize yourself with key concepts and themes learned so you can reference them easily in your notes, texts, etc.
  • Take all important information from your text, articles, and Powerpoint notes and list them all on a separate piece of paper for easier reference
  • Take practice tests and time yourself so you are replicating the real test situation