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Online Learning

During the Online Test

Strategies to employ during your test:

Plan Your Time Pay attention to the clock to know how much time you have left for your test. You can also use a timer to set an alarm to remind you when you have 30 minutes left on your test. Remember if you get stuck on a question to skip it and move on. If you do this, use a scrap piece of paper to write down what questions you need to go back to.

Re-read questions and directions 

Read the questions carefully. Read it aloud to yourself. Make sure you are paying close attention to key words.
Use the CRAM method to help with multiple choice questions C = cover (the options, you can physically use your hand to cover or use a scrap piece of paper)

R = read (read the question aloud)

A = answer (answer the question in your head or write down a scrap piece of paper – does it look/sound/feel right to you as the answer?)

M = match (match the answer you came up with to the options listed)

*if you could not think of an answer, write down the options on a scrap paper and eliminate ones you know are definitely incorrect to help focus on choosing the best answer

Remove the negatives (no, not, cannot) in statements and read what remains. 

Once you drop the negative decide if the statement is true or false. If it is true, then its opposite is false.

Type short or long answers out in a word document first (if able)

This makes it easier to edit and then copy and paste into the test.

Open a new browser if you have been given permission to use other websites, open a new web browser to help prevent losing your work.
Computer, SLATE, and or assistive technology issues Don't panic. Email your instructor with what is happening and take screen shots of what’s happening if possible.
Review your work before you submit! Re-read over your answers and determine you have answered correctly, no answer is left blank, edit and proofread for spelling and grammar.