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Strategies to Reduce Test Anxiety


Here we discuss two important strategies you can employ to reduce your test anxiety. If you would like to learn more about test anxiety including what it is and what symptoms you might exhibit if you are experiencing it, please consult the Coping with Test Anxiety page in the Studying and Test Taking module.

Strategy 1: RSVP

R Respond Recognize your nerves are getting to you, identify the feeling
S Seize Control You are not helpless. Take 3 deep breaths and try some relaxation strategies.
V Visualization Visualize yourself completing the test.
P Put Put down what you can - start with anything!

Strategy 2: BRAVE

B Breathe

Count breaths

  • breathing in 1-2-3-4, hold breath 1-2-3-4, breathing out 1-2-3-4, hold breath 1-2-3-4, repeat
R Relax

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Strategies:

Use a stress ball or fidget cube

A Attitude

Repeat or Refer to Postive Affirmations:

  • "I am doing my best"
  • "I am well prepared for this test"
V Visualization
  • Imagine taking the test while feeling relaxed and confident, performing really well and receiving a top score
  • Imagine a successfully finishing the test!
E End is Near!
  • Remind yourself it is almost over