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Online Learning

Before the Online Test

Before your online test consider the following:

Read the guidelines on SLATE and know the answers to:  Is the test taking place at a specific time and day or can you take it during a particular window of time? How much time will have to complete the test?
Know the test format Is it multiple choice? True/False? Short or Long Answer? A combination?
Check your computer, SLATE and any assistive technology software you may need to use during the test Make sure you can log in with no issues. Make sure your internet connection is working and is reliable.
Plan your time How much time do you have and how time will you spend on each question?
Find a comfortable and quiet area to take the test Turn off your phone and hide it away somewhere so it does not distract you. Keep only required materials with you. Tell your roommates, friends or family that you are going to be taking a test and not to disturb you. Remove all distractions.
Determine when you will take the test If you have no choice of when to begin, choose the time of day when you are most alert.
Ensure you have all necessary materials prepared and with you If you are given permission to have notes, textbook, with you make sure they are ready and prepared for easy access.