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Online Learning

Studying for Online Tests

When it comes to studying for tests and exams, there are many strategies you can employ to reduce anxiety, feel more prepared and really know your stuff! To get more information, as well as tips and tricks visit the Studying and Test Taking module in the Academic Skills Hub.

Below we will cover the top 3 strategies for studying for online tests.

Spaced Practice

Spaced practice means spacing out your studying to allow the information to really sink in. You review the most recent information you've studied and then go back to review older information.

What this looks like:

  • Spacing your studying out weekly
  • Setting time each day to study and review

Interleaving Practice

Interleaving practice has you switch between ideas while you study helping you master ideas. Going over topics in a different order helps you practice your understanding of a topic or idea.

What this looks like:

  • Study topics a,b,c (study session 1)
  • Study topics c,b,a (study session 2)
  • Study topics a,c,b (study session 3)

Retrieval Practice

With retrieval practice you are practicing your recall by bringing information to mind. The best way to do this is to use practice tests. This way you're practicing your recall while mimicking the testing situation you are preparing for.

Make your own practice tests using the following tools:

  • Textbook questions
  • Make flashcards
  • Use a timer to help you replicate the time you will have for the real test

Use a variety of study methods!

You have a lot at your disposal to practice effectively for your tests. Using a variety of tools will help you prepare for any scenario while you strengthen your recall and prepare. Try the following:

  • Mnemonics - create acronyms (e.g. BEDMAS)
  • Flashcards
  • Master Lists 

Check out this video for further tips and ideas.