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Student Online Learning Module

During the Test

You've taken the time to prepare and now you're here! Your instinct will probably be to just start answering questions but there are a few things to think about. You want to reduce your stress or anxiety as best you can by preparing and being strategic. Try these strategies:

  • Breathe and stay calm!
  • Manage your time – set an alarm to indicate the last 30 minutes
  • Have only required and permitted materials with you
  • Read over all the questions on your test and evaluate each (e.g. does it require you to just answer facts or require you to analyze, elaborate?)
  • Answer the questions you know first without using your notes
  • If you are struggling on a question, mark it, move on and come back to it
  • Don’t plagiarize – write your answers in your own words
  • REVIEW your answers before submitting