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Copyright for Faculty and Staff


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Sam Cheng
FAAD & Copyright Education

Course Readings

If you want to provide free or affordable course readings to your students, there are several options available.


Customize your own course pack using book chapters, journal articles, websites, streaming videos, etc. Follow these general guidelines for sharing resources in SLATE:

  • For a print book or journal - You may copy an entire chapter/article or multiple pages that total no more than 10% of the work under the fair dealing guidelines. Distribution should be limited to students in a course. 
  • For material in a library database - Link to the material instead of posting the content. Some of the library databases do not permit sharing downloaded content within. If you prefer to post the material to SLATE, check the licence terms of the material.
  • For a resource on the Internet - Link to the webpage instead of posting the content. If you prefer to post the content:
    • Check that it is not watermarked or restricted by a paywall or member subscription. If yes, permission to use from the copyright owner is required.
    • Review the terms of use on the site to see if copying for educational use is prohibited. If there is no such restriction, you may copy the content. 

eCOR service

You may follow the guidelines mentioned above or let Sheridan Library help you navigate copyright and digitize your course readings in SLATE. Our eCOR (Electronic Course Readings) service is a one-stop service. We can help you on issues such as fair dealing evaluation, permission request, scanning, persistent links, references, locating the material in the library collection, and ordering a resource.

The eCOR tool for content delivery is fully integrated with SLATE. Once course readings are set up, faculty and students can access eCOR through this dropdown menu in SLATE: Library Services -> eCOR Course Readings.      

Open textbooks and open educational resources (OER)

Written by university and college professors, open textbooks and OER can be freely accessed, shared, and adapted under a Creative Commons or open licence. 

Print course packs

A course pack is a custom compilation of readings from several textbooks or other sources. Course packs are printed by the Xerox Print Shop at Sheridan and are made available for sale to students at the Campus Bookstore.

Please send an email to Ivelina Nikolov (, the Manager of Xerox Print Shop, for more information.