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Course Sharing


At the end of this module you will:

  • Define key problems with course-sharing and homework help websites.
  • Explain the value of persistence in learning.
  • Identify common challenges that put students at risk of cheating.
  • Know where to get help with course work and more at Sheridan.

Academic Integrity Review

Academic integrity is fundamental to academic excellence: the degree, diploma, certificate, or post-graduate certificate you receive from Sheridan represents all of the effort, dedication, and commitment you have put into your work.

To understand why academic integrity is so critical to your education, you should

  1. Read the Academic Integrity Policy and Academic Integrity Procedure to learn more about Sheridan's commitment to academic excellence, credentials, accurate assessment, and fairness.
  2. Review the Understanding Academic Integrity guide to learn more about applying ethical decision-making to avoid common academic integrity breaches.

Further Support

If you have questions about Academic Integrity at Sheridan or need help understanding the college's policies and procedures, please contact the Academic Integrity Office.