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Library Policies

Direct Borrower's Agreement

A college staff, faculty or student may borrow in person from any Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology Library with the following provisions:

  1. Each borrower is responsible for the safe return or replacement of material borrowed or for any charges incurred.
  2. Only circulating material as defined by the lending library may be borrowed.
  3. Only college staff, faculty and students who are currently employed or registered are eligible to request a Direct Borrower’s card.

Proof of Registration

The prospective borrower must have a current identification card that has been issued to the borrower by the home college. The borrower must present this card to the circulation desk at the lending library for validation and fill out any registration forms to establish a local address. Collateral identification and/or a refundable deposit may be required. If no expiry date is shown on the home college ID, the lending library may request verification of current status.

Length of Loan

The initial loan period and any subsequent renewals are at the discretion of the lending library.

Fines & Overdue

Borrowers will be responsible for all fines incurred. The lending library may request the assistance of the home library with overdue items and fine collection. Borrowing privileges at the home library may be suspended until the obligations of the lending library have been met. Other penalties such as withholding of marks may be applied by the home library.

Damaged & Lost Materials

Borrowers are responsible for all material borrowed in their name. Lost items must be reported promptly to the lending library's circulation department. Borrowers who lose or fail to return library materials will be charged with replacement costs as determined by the lending library. The borrower may also be invoiced by the lending library for library materials that were returned in a damaged condition.


The lending library may withdraw borrowing privileges for any borrower who abuses the provisions of the Direct Borrowing Agreement. All Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Libraries are participating in the Direct Borrowing Agreement as of September, 2007.