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Library Policies

Noise & Disruptive Behaviour

Sheridan Library Services provides space, materials, and assistance for students, faculty and staff to pursue their studies in a positive and productive environment.

For those requiring quiet study space, there are quiet spaces available at Davis (3rd floor of the Commons), Trafalgar and HMC.

While visiting the Library and Learning Commons, all students, staff and faculty are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Users must carry their OneCards. Staff or Security may request to see OneCards at any time.
  • All Sheridan students are expected to adhere to the Sheridan Student Code of Conduct.
  • Out of consideration to others, users are expected to refrain from making excessive loud noise and are asked to use headphones when listening to audio.
  • Board games must be played outside of the Commons.
  • Users should show respect for Learning Commons materials and facilities. Any vandalism or damage to Commons property will be reported to Security.
  • Users should refrain from leaving their belongings unattended. Library and Learning Commons staff are not responsible for the loss of personal property.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Security will be contacted if children are left unsupervised.
  • Solicitation is not permitted in the Library & Learning Commons.
  • Users must obtain staff permission to post notices or film in the Commons.
  • Use of e-cigarettes is prohibited on Sheridan Property.

Users disrupted by behaviour or noise should report incidents to Library and Learning Commons staff. Library Services staff have the right and responsibility to halt what they consider to be disruptive behaviour. If users do not comply, Security will be contacted and a report will be filed with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for further action.