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Library Policies

Food & Drink Policy

Food & Drink for Fall 2021

No food or drink will be allowed in the library at this time.

The consumption of snack food and covered beverages is allowed in both the Library and main room of the Learning Commons.

Covered beverages are permitted in the group study rooms. Food is not allowed in the study rooms.

Hot meals may be consumed in the seating area located just outside of the Library or other designated areas across campus such as the food courts.

Out of courtesy to others, please dispose of trash and clean up your work area before you leave.

Thank you for you cooperation in maintaining the furniture and equipment in our collaborative learning spaces!

What is Snack Food?

A snack is cold food that is not odorous (no smells please) and doesn't require utensils. Deliveries of food are not allowed. For specific examples of permitted and not permitted food, please refer to the illustrated signs at the Library and the Learning Commons entrances.