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Resume Guide


A header appears at the top of page one of your resume. It includes your name and contact information. This is the first thing the recruiter will see. It can set you apart from the competition.

Your name should be the largest thing on the entire resume.  ‚Äč

Avoid using an email address such as “hotmail” on your resume and for emailing your resume to potential employers.  Many companies have firewalls that will prevent your email from reaching the employer and mark it as spam. Consider using your Sheridan email account (it will stay with you for life).

Do not put +1 in front of your phone number. It is not a convention we use in Canada.

Include your LinkedIn profile URL in your header, and make sure the content matches with your resume.

For certain industries, demonstrating your work visually is important, ie Architecture, Marketing, Animation, Illustration, UX/UI, etc. Create an e-portfolio to do this, and be sure to have the e-portfolio link as part of your header.

If you are in a computer programming course, be sure to list your GitHub link as part of your header.


screenshot of header section on resume