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Resume Guide

Writing Your Resume

There are professional standards that recruiters expect from resumes.  You will want to ensure that your skills and strengths stand out.  Most recruiters review up to 150 resumes and may scan your resume in 6 seconds. Unnecessary headings and information would diminish the impact of your resume.  Further, recruiters prefer certain headings and alignments.  Also, the applicant can demonstrate the fit for the job postings, rather than add all the experience and skills and hope the employer figures the candidate out.  This does not happen.

These resources are designed to help you target your resume using professional labour market standards.  Recruiters expect that you participate in an informed application approach. 

Write, Review and Revise

It takes time to write a good resume. Write, review and revise each section until you have a compelling,winning resume which will help you to stand out!

illustration of job candidates


Professional Layout

  • use font size 11 -12 in standard fonts for your resume content; it can be a little larger for headings and subheadings
  • headlines should be bolded
  • use only one type of bullet
  • use a maximum of two different fonts
  • check that alignment is consistent
  • use white space between sections
  • do not exceed two pages
  • if you have a two page resume, make sure the second page includes your name, email address, phone number and page number

Error Free!

  • be honest and accurate – your resume is a legal document
  • put the most important information in the top half of the first page
  • use bullet points and not paragraphs
  • create a “reader friendly” document which features adequate white space