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Student COIL Libguide

Time & Project Management

In your COIL project, you will engage with students who come from different educational systems. This means that you may have different methods of working collaboratively, different expectations and definitions of success, different attitudes, and different approaches to project management. 

It is important that you get your group organized prior to taking on your project. This involves identifying common goals, developing common definitions, and setting roles and responsibilities to manage your time. Like any other course, there are deadlines that you must meet in your COIL project. You will need to organize your tasks around these deadlines. 

Stages of Project Management

  1. Clarify: Ensure that you understand the relevance of your project, and your professor's expectations. During this stage, be sure to ask questions if you require clarification. 
  2. Schedule: Identify tasks that you need to complete and block off time for these activities in your personal agenda and your group calendar. During this stage, you will establish the timeline for your project and identify specific deadlines. 
  3. Commit: Ensure that your project timeline is manageable for all team members. Consider: if your timeline too strict or inflexible? Have you considered time zone differences?


To learn more about approaches to time management and best practices for time management, visit the Time Management Module.