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APA Style (7th ed.)

The Basics

An annotated bibliography is often used in academic writing to help guide the research process by presenting a focused selection of sources that are relevant to your topic.

What to Include

Check with your professor's instructions regarding:

  • number of sources needed,
  • length of each entry,
  • citation style to use (in this case, APA Style)

Each entry in an Annotated Bibliography includes:

A Bibliographic

  • List your sources following a standard citation style (ex. APA style)
  • Alphabetize your list by author's last name

An Annotation

  • Write your annotation in paragraph format
  • Provide a summary of the scope, main points, and central theme of the article
  • Describe any conclusions that can be drawn from the article
  • Comment on the intended audience
  • Compare or contrast this source with another you have cited
  • Point out any notable biases or gaps you detect
  • Evaluate and explain why this source is relevant or suitable for your topic