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APA Style (7th ed)

In-Text Citations

NOTE: This page reflects the latest version of the APA Publication Manual (7th ed), which released in October 2019. If you require the previous version, please see APA Style (6th ed)

The Basics

In-text citations provide a brief reference within the body of a research paper to the source of information being discussed. They include the author(s) last name, date of publication, as well as the page number or paragraph number from where the quote or paraphrase was taken. Authors and dates should match the entry in the References List.


Parenthetical Example

Among journalists, plagiarism has become a well known issue.  In fact, to a certain extent, “Every journalist lives in fear of inadvertent plagiarism” (Renzetti, 2010, para. 8).

Narrative Example

Renzetti (2010) attributes the rise in inadvertent plagiarism to a number of key developments. First, she claims that the widespread availability of technology has created a “mash-up generation” that assumes everything is free game (para. 3). In addition, she states that …

See section 8.10–8.36 of the Publication Manual