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APA Style (7th ed.)


The Basics

APA Style does not cover rules specific to the use of images for decorative purposes. Instead, rules are designed for images, illustrations, and graphs that directly relate to the content of the piece of writing. Therefore, as much as possible, limit your use of images for decorative purposes. Where images are needed, apply the APA Style guidelines provided for Figures.

To find suitable images for your assignments, go to: Finding Images





Reference Entry

From a public website with a title

Figure 1

Interior of Home in Pompeii

Note. From Interior of home in Pompeii [Photograph], by R. Hawkins, 2008, Wikipedia ( CC BY-SA 1.0.

Hawkins, R. (2008). Interior of home in Pompeii [Photograph]. Wikipedia.

From a public website without a title

Figure 2

Multicolored Abstract Paining

Note. From [Multicolored abstract painting], by L. Huggins, 2019, Unsplash (

Huggins, L. (2019). [Multicolored abstract painting]. Unsplash. 


Your professor may have different citing expectations than library staff. Always check at the beginning of term and before starting assignments that the citing rules you are using are appropriate for your class.