Accessing Digital Resources

The Library provides a wide selection of online resources to meet curriculum and research needs at Sheridan. In fact, the majority of our collections are online! Whether you are looking for a book, a journal article, a video, a statistic, or a business report, there's a good chance you can find one online in our collections.

To access our online collections from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection & your Sheridan ID and password.

Find online ebooks, journal articles, newspaper articles, and more from the library website. Try the search tool on our homepage, where you can find books, articles, etc., or browse our list of databases or journals, from the links directly underneath the search box.

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Library databases are sites or collections the library subscribes to, on behalf of students. Like any other database, they offer a "collection of data or information organized for rapid search and retrieval" (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia). We link to more than 200 different collections and sites from a wide variety of publishers. Some focus on specific types of sources (books, journals, etc), and others focus on specific subject areas (business, education, etc).

Find a list of all of our databases in the Databases A-Z list.

If you are new to library databases, and don't know which one is best for your topic, go to Choosing Databases.

For a variety of reasons, databases may provide only publication details from some articles, while others include the full-text. To learn how to find full-text, go to Finding Full-Text

Due to licensing restrictions, only members of the Sheridan community with a current enrollment are able to access our online collections.

Due to licensing restrictions, the information within our databases can only be used by members of the Sheridan community for research, study, and education.

Each database comes with its own unique licence and permitted uses. See Usage Terms of Library Databases for instructions on how to find this information.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing technical issues with one of our online databases or other digital resources, please contact:

All digital resources acquired by the library are licensed for members of the Sheridan community only, for research and study purposes. Please respect all permitted uses as outlined by our vendors.