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MLA Style (9th ed.)

Journals Articles


Author Last Name, Given Name(s). "Article Title." Title of Journal, vol. volume number, no. issue number, Year, pp. page-page. Name of Database, URL or doi.


Works Cited

In-Text Citation

Journal article, in print

Pavlou, Victoria. "Art Technology Integration: Digital Storytellying as a Transformative Pedagogy in Primary Education." The International Journal of Art & Design Education, vol. 39, no. 1, Feb. 2020, pp. 195-210.

(Pavlou 198)

Journal article, with URL, 2 authors

Christenbury, Leila, and Ken Lindblom. "The Journey is all." English Journal, vol. 109, no. 3, Jan. 2020, pp. 20-23. ProQuest,

(Christenbury and Lindblom 23)

Journal article, with DOI, 3 or more authors

Caldwell, Elizabeth F., et al. "Depicting Dementia: Representations of Cognitive Health and Illness in Ten Picturebooks for Children." Children's Literature in Education, vol. 52, no. 1, Mar. 2021, pp. 106-131. SpringerLink, PDF download.

(Caldwell et al. 106)

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