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Career Catalyst Training Program

Digital literacy & why it matters

Competency description

The rate of emerging technologies shaping the external landscape continues to accelerate. Whether you pursue working for yourself or for an employer, you will need to foster digital literacy to streamline your work, solve problems, be more efficient, and to innovate. Digital Literacy refers to your ability to leverage existing and new technologies to solve problems or achieve goals. 

Competency outcomes

  • Identify information from online sources, and critically evaluate 
  • Articulate information responsibly using technology and social media platforms 
  • Cite references of published and proprietary information appropriately 
  • Utilize existing technologies, tools and resources appropriate to one’s industry and workplace 
  • Adapt to new technologies relevant to one’s industry and workplace 
  • Manage one’s personal online identity and brand using technology and social media platforms 

Learning activities

You may have a functioning LinkedIn profile. Does it bring your personal story and brand to life? Now more than ever, digital platforms like LinkedIn allow you to position yourself effectively for employment and networking opportunities. 

Use Optimal Interview to practice your online interview skills.  Record you answers and seek feedback for continued development. Instructions for Optimal Interview.

Networking is an extremely effective approach to a successful job search and will require some strategizing.  Networking with others or connecting with employers directly could give you access to exclusive job opportunities. Research Industry Associations in your field and join any free association groups or relevant Industry groups on LinkedIn.  Make notes for your final work term reflection. 

Emerging tools and technologies continue to evolve in every field and industry. This is especially true as more work is being done virtually and online. One way to develop your Digital Literacy competence toward becoming career ready is to better understand what technologies and tools are emerging in your field.  

Northstar Digital Literacy is a program of Literacy Minnesota and tests your computer skills. By taking select assessments, you can determine your skill level related to computer skills, software skills and daily technology use in order to determine where you can enhance your digital literacy skills.