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Mindset Matters Module

Get Connected

Building positive relationships with people allows you to have people to share enjoyable experiences with and people to turn to for support when you are going through difficult times. (Mayo Clinic, 2017) 

There are great ways to meet people and get involved right here on campus! Visit the Sheridan Student Union Club Corner to check out all of the clubs offered at Sheridan.


Keep in mind that resilience is not just about being compassionate and caring for yourself but also committing to practicing community care. “Community care is basically any care provided by a single individual to benefit other people in their life” (Dockray, H, 2019). There is no one way to provide community care to one another. Most importantly it is about being there for someone, without them taking the first step to reach out. For example this can look like bringing dinner over to a friend’s house who has recently lost a loved one or grabbing a cup of coffee for a friend who has been having a tough day. This is reciprocal too – there are going to be times that you might need to be on the receiving end of support from others. It’s kind of like having an extended family where members are connected and routinely take care of one another.