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Mindset Matters Module

Strategy Box Activity

The strategy box is a useful tool to help us identify strategies we used in the past to learn or succeed at something (e.g. new skill, challenge, etc.) and apply these strategies to learn something new. Writing these down will help remind you of overcoming challenges and reinforce developing a growth mindset. 

How does it work?


In 3 of the boxes, list something you have learned and are good at. These 3 things

should be things you had a tough time learning at first. In the last box (box 4) list a new learning challenge (something you want to learn or improve).


Next, return to your first 3 boxes and list strategies, steps or beliefs that you used in achieving the things you are good at.  List as many as you can. Reinforce how using these strategies involved persistence, never giving up, receiving support from people you care about/mentors/peers. These strategies can be used in other areas and for new learning.

Now return to box 4, where you have listed a new learning challenge. Are there any strategies you used from the first 3 boxes that you can apply to your new learning challenge?


Box 1:
Something I learned or succeeded at: 

Can Dance

Strategies I used:

  • Took lessons every week
  • Watched instructional videos
  • Practiced routines by giving myself rewards and setting time aside
  • Had continuous encouragement and support from family and friends

Box 2:
Something I learned or succeeded at: 

Know How to Bake

Strategies I used:

  • Had help from my grandma
  • Bought recipe books and followed instructions
  • Found online tutorials and message boards to ask other questions/advice
  • Made terrible recipes but kept trying
  • Took baking classes

Box 3:
Something I learned or succeeded at: 

Successfully passed statistics class

Strategies I used:

  • Met with a tutor to receive one on one help
  • Received encouragement from the tutor
  • Completed practice questions
  • Learned new ways to solve problems

Box 4:
My new learning challenge:

Complete a triathlon

Strategies to borrow from other boxes:

  • Take lessons to improve swimming technique (dance)
  • Find online tutorials to demonstrate techniques (baking)
  • Find mentor/teacher to help with strategy, technique, advice (statistics class)
  • Find a friend to train with for support (dance)