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Mindset Matters Module

Types of Mistakes

Stretch Mistakes

Stretch mistakes are mistakes you make when you are challenging yourself to learn more and are expanding your current abilities. It is going above and beyond what you can do without extra help. When we make these, we want to reflect, identify what we can learn and adjust our approach to practice until we can master it.

A-ha Mistakes

A-ha mistakes are when you do what you had set out to do but then realize it was a mistake to do so. You learn what was incorrect about the final result. For example, when we lack the content knowledge (trying to extinguish a fire with alcohol) or when we misremember (calling a friend for their birthday on the right date but the wrong month).

Sloppy Mistakes

Sloppy mistakes happen when you are doing something you already know how to do. This usually happens because you are distracted. It lets you know to double check, pay closer attention or that you’re tired. These can sometimes be turned into a-ha moments.

High Stakes Mistakes

High-Stakes mistakes are when we mess up something very important. For example, test scores, interviews, sporting events. We learn we need more practice, training, and knowledge so we avoid making them in the future.