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Library and Learning Services is pleased to offer a full suite of services and resources to support teaching and learning at Sheridan College.



Decolonizing the Curriculum

Do you want to increase your knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture and perspectives? Learn strategies for creating space to learn, explore, grow and create relationships and environments that promote diversity and inclusion.

University of Toronto Library Cards

Sheridan faculty can now access print library collections at the University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) via Sheridan Library's Associate Membership.

Visit the Sheridan library to borrow a UTL card for up to 30 days that you can present in person to sign out UTL print materials. Please note there are limited cards available.

  • Each card may borrow up to 100 print library items at one time 
  • Initial loan period of materials is 14 days, renewable to a maximum of 42 days
  • The services apply to the University of Toronto's central libraries only

For more information, please contact Susan Shepley, Manager, Library Liaison & SRCA Services.

Liaison Librarians

Contact the liaison librarian for your faculty directly for expert advice and service.

List of librarians

Animation, Arts and Design

Shelley Woods

Applied Health and Community Studies

Applied Science and Technology

Pilon School of Business

Nicole Zhang

Academic Skills

Christine Moffatt

Humanities and Social Sciences

Kathleen Oakey

Pilon School of Business and Continuing & Professional Studies

Sandra Shoufani